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The Research Data Centre of the German Pension Insurance (FDZ-RV)

Intention and challenge

The Research Data Centre (FDZ-RV) was set-up in 2004 as an integral part of the German Federal Pension Insurance (Deutsche Rentenversicherung). Since then, the Research Data Centre produced several cross-sectional and longitudinal datasets, also called Scientific Use Files (SUF), available to researchers interested in issues of retirement, disability and rehabilitation. The datasets are released on an annual basis.
The Scientific Use Files are subsamples drawn from the pool of individuals who are insured in the Federal Pension Insurance. The information provided in the original datasets is necessary to administer the beneficiaries of the pension insurance.

International Data Access

Data from the Research Data Centre of the German Pension Insurance is also available for researchers outside of Germany. The terms and rules for the use of the data are the same as for German researchers. Researchers are required to send a description of their research project and need to prove that a password-protected workplace in an academic institution will be provided.

Requesting microdata

The access to microdata for Scientific Use (SUF) has to be applied for. For this, you fill out the application form. The following information is necessary for the application for access:

  • Name and address of the applying scientific institution
  • Name and contact data of all data users
  • Requested Scientific Use Files
  • If a third party is giving financial support: name of the third party
  • If data is to be merged: detailed description of the procedure
Please use the application form that we provide in two versions for your request for access: The request can either be filed via an online form in German or in the Word form provided below. After completing the form either online or in Word, you ought to print the request and send us the form with the signatures of all persons who will have access to the SUF. The completed document can be sent to us via postal services, fax or e-mail. Some remarks on security and incentive aspects of income mobility, illustrated by an empirical analysis for Germany

Application form for data request


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